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  • 11/14/13
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Gospel for Asia Ad Campaign

Rojo Creative was asked to produce 16 radio commercials for Gospel for Asia’s Critter Campaign. It’s a Christmas initiative to encourage Americans to think outside themselves in Christmas gift giving.

It was a fun project, and it allowed us to reunite with good friend and former Adventures in Odyssey writer, John Fornoff. John’s a brilliant creative mind, and it  was fun to work with him again.


Glenn Beck is Talking About Us!

All of the Foley and custom sound effects for this latest audio drama, Under Drake’s Flag, were recorded here at Rojo Studios. Mark Drury and I spent more than a week hiking, crawling, falling, sliding, sword swinging, gun battling and belly flopping to create the sound effects for this show. And it’s paying off! Glenn Beck discovered the production and loves it.

The story involves a lot of exotic locations and some exciting sword fights, ship-to-ship cannon battles, shipwrecks, and a lot more. We took our time finding the right props, and the sound turned out to be truly great. Here’s a shot of the studio after a particularly exciting sword fight. Listen to a clip here.